Since attending Army and Navy Academy in January, I have noticed a huge change in how I behave and treat other people. People have commented how they’ve noticed that I am more respectful, outgoing, and more of a leader. I have also seen a change in my attitude; If I am about to do something I don’t want to do, I try to make the best out of it and stay positive.27744403284_f3e7f35e3e_o

I give credit to the Academy’s great leadership education for these little improvements I have noticed. Just because you don’t attend the Academy year-round, doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the benefits ; The Army and Navy Academy offers a summer leadership program that allows it’s campers to reap the benefits of attending the Academy. But instead of a full semester, you get practically the same experience in just a few short weeks.

28360446345_7e77d026aa_oLeadership camps improve not only your manners and behavior, but your personal morale, appearance, and confidence. While most summer programs are recreational and don’t provide much benefit upon your exit, leadership camps, like the ones offered at Army and Navy Academy, are a great way to gain skills necessary for dealing with real-life situations.

The leadership camps at Army and Navy Academy will give you opportunities to build your confidence and strengthen you physically. They will also challenge you mentally, so that you will be able to cope with situations that may seem hard in the future. For all those who attend a leadership camp, there is always a good experience to be taken away from it.

An article written by Nicole Papa states the benefits of attending a leadership program. She wrote, “Leadership is one of the most influential elements of governments, organizations and businesses. Leadership training provides leaders with the tools, knowledge and ability to impact and inspire their followers. Leadership programs provide the opportunity for leaders to sharpen their skills and share their experiences with other leaders to mature in their effectiveness, and they produce leaders that are able to lead with confidence and ease.”28173117421_87a5d2e4c9_o

With Camp Challenge, Army and Navy Academy’s two and four week leadership programs, campers will learn time management, life skills, teamwork, and of course, leadership. Camp Challenge is offered to anyone going into the sixth grade and is also available to students who just finished their senior year of high school.

The four week JROTC Camp Challenge program is a high school credit-offering course for anyone interested in getting ahead in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. For those who complete the four week program, 1 year of LET or, Leadership Education and Training, will be granted.

28281869841_b5b81ee405_oDuring Camp Challenge, you will learn everyday subjects  like learning how to manage money and how to take care of your personal hygiene. You will also learn about the military and U.S. government, from how to properly wear a uniform and marching, to roles of U.S. government officials and military ranks.

Campers at Camp Challenge 2016 like Camilo Quiroz of Honduras said, “The leadership program has helped me to be a leader among my friends, and be more responsible and respectful around my peers.”

As you can see, everyone can benefit from leadership training. Around campus, you will hear that it takes a good follower to be a good leader. In today’s society, being a great leader is something many aspire to beand is seen as an important factor for business management, government work, construction, and almost any other job you could think of.