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Affording army and navy academy

There are a wide variety of options for Academy families faced with a gap between the cost of an Army and Navy Academy education and their financial means. We reserve an annual budget for need-based financial assistance. The Academy encourages parents to consider how they will finance the entirety of their cadet’s education at the Academy. The answer is often a blend of tuition assistance and other supports. Day and Boarding school options are available. 



Army and Navy Academy represents a significant investment in education. While we expect families to contribute to their cadet’s education to the best of their financial ability, the Academy offers financial assistance to close the gap between educational costs (day and boarding school) and family resources.

We evaluate requests for need-based assistance with an eye toward applicants’ academic performance, student behavior, and commitment.

Requests for need-based financial assistance are considered only after a prospective cadet family has completed their enrollment contract.



Step 1:  Visit the School & Student Services website. First time users need to create an account. Returning users can log-in with their existing email and password.

Step 2:  Begin your Parent Financial Statement (PFS) application for the coming academic school year. Use School Code 1201. You can save and return to the form as needed.


Step 3:  Complete the application form, review, and submit. There is a nonrefundable fee as part of the application process. Applications cannot be withdrawn.

Step 4:  Go to “Manage Documents” section of the same website to upload the required official copy of your most recent tax returns. Previous years are invalid.

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We provide 10% tuition discounts for cadets meeting the following criteria. These discounts can be combined with other awards.

  • Child of Active Duty Military Member
  • Child of Alumnus
  • Sibling of Current Cadet

We also provide the following discounts or credits:

  • Referral Program: We offer a $1000 bookstore credit for each prospective cadet referral that converts to a completed enrollment.
  • Early Decision Discount: Families that enroll before this year’s Early Decision date receive $1000 off of tuition.


  • Payment Plans: Choose a single-payment or eight-payment plan in the Smart Tuition portal after completing the Continuous Enrollment Agreement (CEA) or first time enrollment contract. Domestic students only.
  • Tuition Loans: offers tuition loans to supplement awards and discounts.
  • 529 Plan: A 529 plan is an investment account that offers tax benefits when used to pay for qualified education expenses for a designated beneficiary
  • 3rd-Party or Online Fundraising: Many of our families use their own online or in-person fundraising efforts. Please disclose all contributors (including GoFundMe or other accounts). 
  • New Day USA Gold Star Families Scholarship: Eligible Gold Star families may apply and receive awards up to and including full coverage of tuition from New Day USA. Excludes books, uniforms, and incidentals.

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