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Connect with Other ANA Alumni

Connect with Other Alumni from our Military School
Have you joined Army and Navy Academy Connect yet? It's a new Alumni website that will allow you to make new connections, both personally and professionally. All you need to do is sign up and create a profile.
Here are the top four reasons to join:
  1. Professional Networking – post or search for jobs and give or get advice on the job market from fellow Alumni who share the values instilled at a military school.
  2. Location Services – this site allows you to search for Alumni by year of graduation, location, and career field. 
  3. Secure Forum – we’ve put safeguards in place to ensure that only ANA Alumni are allowed to join the site. This is a secure place for you to share your thoughts and views and to engage in discussion with other Alumni. 
  4. Personalized News – you can opt into a weekly newsletter that’s created based on your connections, interests, in more, keeping you informed of the news that’s most relevant to you.
Any questions?

Mentorship and Ambassador Programs

The Academy is launching three new programs to create Alumni connections and strengthen the Army-Navy Community. 

Thanks in advance for "paying it forward" by telling others your story, supporting a current Cadet as he applies to college, or showing him the ropes at your workplace.

College Mentor
Cadets at the Academy are working to determine their future paths, figuring out who they are and where they're headed. Often, the college experience is an important part of this development.
As a college mentor, you'll speak with and meet Cadets who are interested in your alma mater, giving them advice and helping them forge their path ahead. 
Career Mentor
The Career Mentor will help current Cadets and Academy Alumni learn about your industry or place of work. Our goal is to create a professional network, connecting Alumni to career opportunities and helping Cadets determine their areas of interest. 
If your company allows it, Cadets could shadow you on the job for a day or even have summer internships there.
Academy Ambassador

Will you tell others your story?
Academy Ambassadors will spread the word about the Academy experience to prospective families and contacts. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to connect with prospects and use their own personal networks to motivate others to explore Army Navy.
We all know that the Academy can be a turning point in the lives of young men, giving them the motivation and skill sets to succeed. Help others become well-educated young men of good character.

Questions? Please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs by email or at 760.547.5277.

Alumni News
Lost (56 Years Ago) and Found (ANA Senior Ring)

Bruce Weber '56, Reunited with his Army and Navy Academy Class Ring


When was the last time that you thought much about your senior ring from Army-Navy Academy?

Go ahead, take your time.

Still thinking? If you're coming up empty, it is understandable. No subject in recent memory has commanded so little attention.

Until February 5 of this year, that is, when Bruce Weber received a phone call from the Academy. "Your ring, your senior ring, was found," an enthusiastic voice chirped.

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The Elite Athletic Hall of Fame: A New Tradition

Army and Navy Academy: Elite Athletic Hall of Fame


We are pleased to announce the start of a new Army and Navy Academy tradition - The Elite Athletic Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame was created to recognize outstanding athletic performance, both for athletes and coaches. This is the highest athletic honor given by the school.

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Condolences to the Reigle Family (Edward "Gordon" Reigle, Class of 1948)

Gordon Reigle Passing, Army and Navy Academy Class of 1948

Edward “Gordon” Reigle, Army and Navy Academy Class of 1948, passed away on October 7, 2014.

He was a consistent supporter of the Academy. A former trustee, Reigle gave time, treasure, and input that helped shape the school into what it has become today. He also inspired his nephew, Brad Williams ’78, to attend.

Our sincere condolences go to the Reigle family for their loss. We thank you for your continuous support of our mission to educate and develop good character in young men.

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