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Admission Office Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 8:30 - 5:00 by Appointment
We are located at 2605 Carlsbad Boulevard, Carlsbad. The Office of Admission is upstairs at the the front-end of campus (northeast corner).

Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

During your appointment, we will take you and your son on a campus tour, conduct a student interview, and provide a parent consultation. 

In addition, we can administer an in-house academic exam if you do not have access to a test site for the SSAT or ISEE. The appointment will take approximately three hours.

In preparation for your appointment, please complete the online application and follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Using the forms below, please contact your current school for the following:

Step 2:
Please bring the following items to your appointment:
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Standardized Test Scores  
  • 2” x 2” Student Photo 
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Current Vaccination Record

Step 3: 

  • Following your appointment, if all documents are received, the file will be shared with the committee, who will make a determination.
  • In some cases, a meeting with the committee may be required or additional documents will be requested to make a final determination. 
  • If accepted, a link to the online enrollment contract and payment system will be e-mailed to you.  In selected cases, a student who is not accepted may be offered an opportunity to reapply with requests for additional records by a specified date. 

Step 4: 

  • Enrollment process information and registration day event information will be emailed to you after the contract and first payment are received.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to meeting you.


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We are currently accepting applications.

Application Fee:  $100

Questions? Call 888-762-2338

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Meet the Director in Your Town!
1.24.14Newport Beach, CA
2.26.14Huntington Bch, CA
3.07.14San Diego, CA
3.27.14San Diego, CA
4.14.14Los Angeles, CA
4.25.14Los Angeles, CA
5.03.14Eugene, OR
6.14.14Orange County, CA
7.11.14Los Angeles, CA
7.19.14Orange County, CA
7.31.14Beverly Hills, CA
8.01.14Pasadena, CA

The Director of Admission is available for personal appointments in selected cities as noted above. Please contact us for details.

To schedule a personal appointment, call 888.762.2338 or send us an e-mail.

Carlsbad Attractions

Carlsbad is a quaint coastal community located in San Diego County, California. When visiting, parents enjoy all Carlsbad has to offer, including restaurants, shops, and, of course, beautiful beaches. 

There are many local hotels where family members can stay when visiting their Cadets.

In addition, Cadets earn the privilege of visiting the local village in groups during designated times based on behavior and academic performance.