An Army and Navy Academy Cadet Will:

  • Develop intellectual curiosity, creativity, and independent thought through a rigorous academic core curriculum that prepares each Cadet for the challenges of post-secondary education.
  • Become a literate student conversant with technology who can gather, evaluate, and analyze facts in order to draw meaningful and valid conclusions in an ethical manner.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of civic responsibilities and a commitment to service.
  • Relate successfully to others, accept responsibility, demonstrate empathy, and adapt to change as he faces problems that confront him now and in the future.
  • Develop mature habits and skills that promote lifelong emotional health.
  • Develop an appreciation for cultural diversity in our modern world.

Mission, Vision and Philisophy

The Mission

Army and Navy Academy’s mission is to educate, mentor, and develop good character and leadership in young men.

The Vision Students2

Army and Navy Academy will be a premier, college preparatory, military boarding school for young men. Internationally recognized, its structure instills pride in its Cadets and empowers them to develop academic excellence, leadership, and character traits to succeed in life.

The Philosophy

The philosophy of Army and Navy advances the fulfillment of our mission and provides a pathway for Cadets to:

  • Value an active pursuit of knowledge to realize individual potential
  • Instill a sense of brotherhood, self-discipline, leadership, and respect for others
  • Develop honor and pride in themselves and in the school-wide community
  • Gain respect for God, country, and all for which they stand